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Thyme for a new approach to health care.

Due to the hustle and bustle we Americans deal with daily and the modern conveniences we have developed to deal with our busyness, we pay a high price.  Not only are we more stressed, but by depriving our bodies of proper nutrients, adequate rest, and time in the outdoors, our health suffers.  We are not built to live so disconnected with nature. Integrating herbs and organic plants into our daily lives can help to bridge that disconnect between our current way of living and living surrounded by nature. This can help return our bodies back to balance with Mother Earth.



Herbs from A-Z

Herbs are all around us. They are easier to obtain than you might think. Here is the start of a comprehensive list of the most commonly used herbs in alphabetical order, with a brief explanation of what each can be used for, its energy, and the healing  properties that each harness. **This part of the site is currently under construction. Please be patient while I add more herbs to the list.**

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